Friday, March 26, 2010

I pity the fool

This day has been full of embarrassments- beginning with an awesome spill I took in the hallway this morning on my way to work. (thank you Claudia for the slippery ass gold shoes!)

Followed by and incredibly awkward business conversation and a stupid LinkedIn misunderstanding.
Is there really anything worse than feeling embarrassed? Especially at work. I don’t like to be embarrassed and most of all I don’t want others to be embarrassed around me.

Fortunately most of my humiliating moments are not Cosmo worthy- they are usually just bad enough for me to harp on them all freaking day. Is anyone else like this?

As bad as today was though- nothing beats the time a potential investor called the office mistaking me for an Ashley he met the night before. We continued to have the most confusing conversation-

With him thinking I am a girl he met

And me thinking he’s asking very strange questions

Did I sleep well? Yeah, Um, I guess.

 I was so embarrassed for the both of us that I couldn’t muster up the courage after 3 minutes of uncomfortable conversation to tell him that he had the wrong Ashley. I just got off the phone as soon as possible.

Minutes later we received a call from the Marriott wanting an address to deliver a dozen roses to “Ashley”.  When we told Marriott it was the wrong Ashley the Investor called back to apologize.
He was a really good sport about it all in the end. I still get red in the face thinking about it though.

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