Friday, May 21, 2010


It's the freakin' weekend!

time for some

Wednesday I forced Abbie to take me to dinner at Chilis
where we ate completely unhealthy foods
and drank their 
all day
every day
2 for 1 
Mich Ultras

Chilis is conveniently located in the same plaza as World Market and Target.
Whenever we eat there
I make sure to get Abbie nice and drunk so he will agree to go shopping with me afterwards
Wednesday I got him to buy us 8 bottles of wine that were on clearance at World Market
(I'm attempting a wine collection/kitchen decorating thingie with them)
The time before that I got Abbie to buy us a new desk.
(and he wonders why I always want to go to Chilis)

But I plan on popping open one of those bottles tonight and just chill-
AFTER I run my 2 miles
** yes, just 2 miles- I do what Hal tells me to do ok?**

This has been my theme song this week
(caution - naughty lyrics- do NOT play this at work!)

Anybody watch NBC last night?
My thoughts:
Jeff and Annie- YES!
Michael and Holly- MADE MY WEEK!
Liz and Matt Damon- Say whaaaat?

Oh- and I totally have a girl crush on Kelly Ripa.

To add to the randomness of this post-
for all you suckas still at work
check out my new blog project
I need more to post so please be on the look out
I find that Florida is a hotbed of car disasters.

What's everyone's plans for the weekend?

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- "healthy pancake" oat with 1 egg white, almond butter, OG applesauce and tea
  • Snack- Back Snap Peas (1/2 the dang bag)
  • Lunch- Publix Eel rools
  • Snack 2- 
  • Dinner-
  • Fruit/Veggie- 1 (I dont think the Peas count)
  • Workout: 

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