Monday, May 10, 2010

Partying is such sweet sorrow

I'm exhausted
Another weekend of

Followed by
Jet lag
and all over yucky-ness

I just got back from seeing my BFF in Dallas. We meant to see the city, go to museums, eat healthy and go running.  We ended up going to bars, drinking, and having wheat thins with cheese for dinner.

This week is my official Detox Week

We had a blasty though. She even helped me cross off another item on my Bucket List!
Rock Climbing!
Jen recently took up the sport
let me tell you folks
this shish is HARD!

I was only able to complete one wall
the others I either wussed out or wimped out on

If you want an all over hard core workout- then this sport is for you
Not really my cup of tea
but still happy I tried!


  1. Oh the best laid plans...

    But the activities you all went with sound way fun too! :)

  2. Sounds like fun!
    Who can pass up cheese and drinking?! Not me :D

    I love that kind of rock climbing! It's the real rock climbing i'd be scared of :D