Monday, May 3, 2010

They may take our luggage but they will never take ... OUR VACATION!

Sorry for the abrupt halt in blog entries.
Within 30 minutes of arriving in San Fran we stopped to get some last minute camping supplies 
and had everything stolen from our car
our clothes
 camping gear
 and computer.

No worries though- the vacation continued on.
I’ll post the rest of our trip after I’m done playing catch up at work today.

so we were robbed.
Decided that we still wanted this vacation so in 1.5 hours we purchased all of our camping gear and enough clothes to get us through camping for 2 days.

One major problem was that it was FREEZING and stores are only carrying summer clothes. We ended up stopping by a camp store that had these hippie ponchos that Abbie ended up having to wear for the rest of the vacation since he couldn't find any men's jackets to take its place.

Here is the drive to Big Sur

I wish my camera could pick up just how beautiful it really was.

Our campsite:

The ponchos



It rained almost the whole day

So we found other stuff to do


This SLUG is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S

Loved, loved, loved Big Sur and it was great to get away and be reminded that stuff is just stuff.

More to come tomorrow!

Today's Eats:
bfast- 2 eggs, ww Arnold thin, OG applesauce
Snack- coffee and bisquotti
Lunch- brown rice sushi
Snack- granola bar, 5 strawberries and a banana
Dinner- Caesar salad, organic mac and cheese and rotisserie chicken
Workout- 45 min spin class
fruit/veggie- 5

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