Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You happy now Daily Mile?

Three miles.
Suck it Daily Mile and your judging ways.

This is my first run in two weeks (ok- really more like 3 weeks)

Here is a pictorial representation of today's run.

Mile 1

Mile 2:

Mile 3:

(love the red face?)

Good thing the 1/2 marathon isn't until September.

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- healthy pancake(oats and egg white), almond butter, OG applesauce, tea
  • Snack- starbucks grande low fat vanilla latte
  • Lunch- ww pasta, tomato and cuke
  • Snack- banana and granola
  • After running- another banana
  • Dinner- ?
  • Fruit/veggies- 4
  • workout: 3 mile run


  1. Great job and hey - they can't all be good runs! Which Half are you running?

  2. hey there! thanks for your sweet comment! i love your blog, i wanna become healthy! maybe you can teach me! loves