Friday, June 25, 2010

The Daily Plate

Let me share with you my new obsession:

This website is fantastic!
I usually avoid counting calories, but I've got some LBS I can't shake so I went to this site to see just how many calories I was taking in on a daily basis. 
To begin- this site has the calorie and nutritional information for just about every food out there. So far there hasn't been a single food item that I have not been able to find on there already.

The coolest thing about this site though- is that it gives you the break down of everything you eat.  Here is my nutritional information from yesterday:
It will highlight something if you go over your daily recommended allowance (like carbs).

It will also show this as a pie (mmmm... pie) chart

You can also track your water:

Another cool feature is the meal creator. I added a green monster on my list of meals, that way every time I have a green monster I do not have to list all the ingredients- I can just press my "green monster" meal.

And if you wanted to see how many calories you need to eat to lose a pound (or two) or gain a pound (or two) It will calculate it for you.

Awesome, awesome site.


  1. Never used daily plate, but I will have to let clients know about it! I used something similar years ago, and found it to be very useful!

  2. Wow that's sound like it's extremely useful. I am definitely going to go check it out!