Thursday, June 3, 2010

The tropics are HOT!

Anytime it’s hot outside I say (either out loud or to myself)
The tropics are HOT!
Abbie never knows what I'm referring to - so last night  I had to show him

Behold: the best episode of 3-2-1 Contact ever:

This obviously led to an hour of looking up 80s cartoon theme songs
My favorites:

With all the childhood nasalsia, I decided to make some Instabake Almond Butter Cookies.

Do we know how to party or what?

On the fitness front
Had a annoying run yesterday
Never mind that it was 100 degrees outside
(The tropics are HOT!)
But my stupid Nike+ didn’t calculate my run correctly. So what I thought was 4 miles was only 3.5.
I have to figure out how to calibrate it.
I bought it online and really think I've just purchased a dud.

Last month my friend started a “Fitness Challenge” where she challenged her friends to workout 6 days a week for the month of May.  That is my new goal for the month of June.
After all… it is swimsuit time.

Yesterday’s Eats:
  • Bfast- ww mini bagel with little cheese, veggie sausage, 2 egg whites, handful of cherries, tea
  • Snack- Lara Bar, espresso
  • Lunch- ww Arnold thin, 3 cuke slices, hummus, turkey, handful of cherries
  • Snack- 3 handfuls of WW OG pretzels
  • Dinner- Tilapia, green beans with butter
  • Dessert-2  ww almond butter cookies (loaded)
  • Fruit/Veggie: 4
  • Workout- 3.5 mile run


  1. I know what you mean about the Nike+! My Half actually came out to 13.9 miles! To calibrate it, you just need to go for a 1 mile run on a track. That's the easiest way. And then when you're done, click calibrate and it'll prompt you for the rest!

    Good luck =)

  2. Oooo, I was thinking about getting a Nike+... I'm not good with anything technical requiring that much work, though... maybe I'll skip it ;-)