Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll tell you who I will NOT be calling

Today I am driving down I75
a very busy highway
I see a Critter Control truck 
(Critter Control traps animals that are a nuisance- like moles, snakes, woodchucks etc.)
it is a pick up truck with cages on top of cages in the bed.
On one of the highest cages there is a cat THAT IS HIGHLY DISTRESSED

1. What the F is Critter Control doing with a cat?
2. Why did they place this cat in a high cage driving 75 mph down a highway?

To say I was pissed doesn't even describe it.
I had already made up my mind on giving Critter Control a piece of my mind when I got to the office.

But as I drove on,
I looked in my rear view mirror to see this cat JUMP from out of the cage
roll onto a very busy highway
and thankfully- run to safety on the side of the road
(there is no doubt that he was injured thought)
It was amazing and infuriating all at the same time.

When I got to work I called the company but there was no answer and no voice mail
I emailed them and still have not heard back
I did what any good blogger would do
I'm writing about it
I also left a nasty gram on their website.

It appears as though this company is nationwide
I would recommend NOT using them for any of your "critter" needs
to capture animals is one thing
torturing them is quite another.

I'm pretty sure the truck I saw was from Fort Myers, FL since that is the closest office

I Googled "Critter Control Fort Myers, FL" and wrote a review of the company

I know there are animal lovers out there like me- so I wanted to share.


On a similar, but semi- unrelated note
my very good friend Lisa just lost her 4 year old dog to cancer
So if you have a little fur baby,
be sure to give them extra, extra love (and maybe treats) tonight.

Here are my babies...

BTW- didn't go to sleep early as planned. I added some more veggies to my diet today though and definitely felt more energized. Maybe there IS something to this whole "healthy eating" thing!

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- ww mini bagel, cheese, egg white, OG applesauce, 2 coffees with NO SUGAR! (werd)
  • snack- Larabar, Mary's Crackers with hummus
  • Lunch- salad- 1 cuke, 1 tomato, 1/2 avocado, little feta cheese (there was supposed to be chicken but I left it at home)
  • Snack- banana
  • Dinner- Taco surprise (black beans, salsa, OG corn chips (6), cheese (pinch)
  • Fruit/Veggie - 6
  • Workout- Body Pump

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