Monday, June 7, 2010

She wants to party. She wants to get down.

Monday's Random Thought

Today I heard my theme song
All She Wants to Do is Dance

(sweet video)
I sometimes wish that this song would come on the radio and I can have an Ally McBeal moment 
as seen here:

And for those that don't know
Ally McBeal was the shish!
Anyone that wants to create a dance routine let me know

Sorry for all the YouTube videos.
My life has been lame as of late

Fitness Front
I've now gone 7 days straight working out
Friday is my break
My body is pissed at me

Today's Eats
  • bfast- ww mini bagel, veggie sausage, 1 egg, cheese, berries, tea
  • snack- green monster, pita chips, Larabar (all these workouts make me hungry!)
  • Lunch- left over chili with 1 little cornbread
  • snack- coffee, 1 mango
  • dinner- greek salad wrap (cuke, chicken, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, white wrap), pita chips (polished those yummy things off) hummus
  • fruit/veggies count: 6
  • workout: 45 min spin
What's your theme song?

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