Friday, October 16, 2009

About Me

Purpose of Whole-ier than thou

Short Story: I want to be healthy.

Long Story:
Once upon a time I had a super duper healthy friend. At breakfast I would order the short stack of pancakes with gobs of butter and syrup while she would order egg whites with fruit. I was convinced that her eating habits were not fun. That she missed out on life by not indulging in its yummy/fatty food.  But mostly, I was jealous of her amazing self control. I simply couldn’t pass up the instant gratification that came with eating a stack of pancakes.

I started reading foodie blogs to learn more about healthy eating. Of the blogs I follow- almost all of them have already reached the level of health that I am striving for. They make it look so easy and I wished that someone had a blog that documented  their initial journey into a healthier lifestyle- surely they haven’t known about Larabars and Almond milk their whole lives, right?

I know that I will achieve my goal of becoming the healthy egg-white-ordering person I wish to be. Whole-ier than thou was created to help track this process and for anyone else out there to follow, give advice, learn from, commiserate and/or celebrate with.

As for the title- I had always felt that those that could eat/live and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle were/are almost on a higher level. I hope to get there too.

Random Info about me:

I consider myself to be a sarcastic Buddhist- although I am not sure if that is possible- as all other Buddhist I know are super happy and haven’t an ounce of sarcasm to spill. At concerts I sing the lyrics I know at the top of my lungs and chug beer at the parts I don’t know so it looks like I know the whole song. I love lists- I write and rewrite them daily. I believe everyone should adopt a shelter dog- they are as good- if not better - than any purebred dog (not that I have anything against purebred dogs- or any animal for that matter). I stay an hour after work almost every day so I look like a hard worker- but most of the time I am just really catching up on my blog reading. Sometimes I can be a slave to CBS’s TV lineup. If I could have a super power it would be to cast wind around me- for no practical purposes- I just LOVE a windy day- it makes me so happy.  I am passionate about my boyfriend, the beach, my job, popcorn, my family, sexy shoes and Publix (though not in that order).



  1. Let's be best friends, because your random info about me section is random info about me too. Except for the super power (I'd chose ability to fly...boring) and we don't have Publix in NY (but I'm sure I'd be super into it).

    Big fan of the new blog, and good luck with the lifestyle change!

  2. Hi! I found your blog via Angela's at Oh She Glows. Saw you said you were living in Naples and wanted to say hi. I lived in Naples from 93-98 (8th grade through high school graduation). Haven't been back in a quite a while, but thinking it's time for a vacation. :)

    I really enjoyed reading through your posts!