Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrate good times! Come on!

So Abbie finally came back home on Wednesday night. We celebrated his arrival with 2 bottles of champagne and Wheat Thins (my celebration spread of choice). I ended up playing hookey from work yesterday so that he and I could continue the celebration- and boy did we!

The problem is I associate celebrating with bad (aka yummy) food. We started the day by nursing our hangovers with a bacon, egg and cheese everything bagel. Followed by boneless buffalo wings with sour cream and margaritas at Chilis. Followed by more margaritas poolside and more hot wings for dinner. Needless to say- I felt HORRIBLE around 10pm.  We both swore that we would now get on the "healthy track" but with it being our first Friday together, guest coming to visit tomorrow and the FL game- I don't know how well we can keep that promise.   If anyone has any advice on how to get out of this state of mind- I would LOVE to know!

Here are today's Eats
  • breakfast- oat with (2) egg whites, syrup (healthy pancakes)
  • snack #1 - Lara bar
  • Lunch- turkey wrap with sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and fruit on the side
  • snack #2 - apple
  • Dinner- SUSHI! with 1 small sake

Bunks was so happy to have Abbie home again too.

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