Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sugar Sugar how'd you get so fly?

Okay- so I contemplated going back and writing the “dailys” and acting like I was a good little blogger who kept track of everything and updated it all in a timely manner. But it takes a lot more time to BS than to just do one really long blog entry summarizing the past 3? 4? Days.

*** step into my time portal ***

I totally enjoyed having Saturday all to myself. I did pretty well with the daily eats- until the Florida game came on. I had to chug-a-lug some bubbly (by myself- stop judging) to calm my nerves (it was a nailbiter). And I paired it with my all time favorite snack food- WHEATHINS!

Sunday my old buddy Michelle came to visit.  We went had brunch at the Cheesecake factory- I did OK- with a lunch size veggie pizza and an iced coffee- okay- and ONE bite of cheesecake which took all the strength in the world not to eat the whole damn thing!  Then we hit up the pumpkin patch like kids

And carved out these babies

Present day- Tuesday was a day of sugar and more sugar. Starting with my waffles and honey- I wanted to make a green monster but ran out of spinach. I considered doing just a strawberry and banana smoothie but decided it was too much sugar at one time (this is a funny thought considering how the rest of my day went).  At work things went downhill when I convenienced myself that I needed a Starbucks to keep going. I got a nonfat grande vanilla latte. Then came another weakness… BAGELS.

I once read in a SHAPE magazine that eating a bagel was like eating a bowl of sugar. In college I ate bagels for breakfast every morning until I read that tiny tid bit of information. For some reason it really stuck with me and I rarely ate bagels from that point on. That was until today… when I gobbled down not ONE… but wait for it…. TWO WHOLE EVERYTHING BAGELS and it gets worse… WITH CREAM CHEESE!   I’m not going to lie- I loved every freaking bite.

The coffee did work though. After drinking it, I was so happy and a happy Ashley is a productive Ashley. I kicked some major booty at work and continued to kick butt in the gym afterwards.  It was my first time back in the gym in over a month. Not going to the gym is so not like me. It was really great to be back. I switched to a new gym since I moved and they had a TV on every single cardio machine. Best. Thing. Ever. Two episodes of The Office makes a workout go by in a snap!
After the gym I came home and made this loaded salad

And drank some coconut water- which I’ve read out there in blogger world that it is a great way to replace electrolytes.

If we are being honest though, I have no idea what that means for me and my body. So like the good little GoogleMonster I am I will look up the answer and post it on Wednesday.

Today’s eats- see above and add a Larabar
Fruit/Veggie count: 2.5 FAIL!

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